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AOSO NW180 QI Wireless Charger
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AOSO Wireless Charging Pad Qi Wireless Charger for Samsung Nexus
  • Ultra-Slim Design: The thickness of the Wireless Charging Pad is only 0.25‘’ (6.4mm), and weight only 2oz (60g). The Compact and light design is deal for taking it with you everywhere (offices, homes, cafes, libraries, etc.) No matter where you are, drop and charge. Enjoying an easy life.
  • Qi Wireless Charger: Starts the moment you place down any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover. No cables or USB interface required. Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A.We strongly recommend using a 2A adapter/Power Source for the best results.
  • Muti-Safety Protection: Intelligently monitoring overvoltage, over-temperature, overcurrent and short circuit. The Muti-Safety Protection system of Wireless Charging Pad efficiently protects your device and the charger itself from any danger.
  • Intelligent Features: Temperature Control activates at 107 ° Fahrenheit (42℃) to keep your device safe. Power-efficient idle mode never overcharges your battery or wastes energy. AOSO Qi Wireless Charger is also qualified for CE FC ROHS Authentication.
  • LED Indicator Lights: White Light flashes 2 times means it's ready to charge, White Light flashes 4 times is charging, and the White Light flashes for 5 second is let you know your device is fully charged. Blinking lights mean an unsupported device has been detected.

AOSO NW180 Qi Wireless Charger Standard 
Wire-free charging for our grab-and-go world. Feel more unconsciousness with less deliberation.

No Wires, No Fuss 
Thanks to cutting-edge Qi inductive technology, charging your enabled device is as simple as setting it on the pad. Anti-slip rubber coating keeps your phone in place.

Intelligent Features
Temperature Control ensures your device never overheats. Idle mode never overcharges your battery or wastes energy.

Muti-Safety Protection AOSO NW180 Qi Wireless Charger is capable of self-monitoring for overvoltage, over-temperature, overcurrent and short circuit. The smart Muti-Safety Protection System efficiently protects your device and the charger itself from any danger.

Slim & Sleek Design
Minimalist and buttonless, this charger fits perfectly on a desk or nightstand. Take it with you go everywhere.

LED Indicator 
Let’s you know when it's ready to charge, charging, and when your device is fully charged.

Popular Smartphones that Support Qi Enabled Direct Charging
Samsung Galaxy S7 / S6 / S6 Edge
Google Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (2nd gen) 
LG G3 / Optimus G PRO
HTC Droid DNA / 8X
Motorola Droid Maxx / Droid Mini 
Nokia Lumia 920 / 928 / 1020

• Use a 5V/2A AC adapter, NW180 only accept 5V input, the samsung original wall charger is not compatible with NW180 Wireless Charging Pad [9V output] 
• Confirm that your device is Qi-compliant before purchase or use your own Qi-compliant cover to enable charging. 
• Protective cases may need to be removed before charging.

About Heating: 
Normally, when the device is charging, the temperature will reach around 35-40℃. (No harm to neither the wireless charging pad nor your devices). Most importantly, the Intelligent Temperature Control and Muti-Safety Protection System will automatically active to triple-secure devices safety.

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